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Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the official US trailer for Woody Allen‘s 44th film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. This ensemble quirky comedy stars Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Freida Pinto, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Gemma Jones, Lucy Punch and Ewen Bremner.

If you don’t like Woody Allen‘s stuff, then this probably isn’t for you.


2010 July 21

90% Magnetic Scissors

2010 July 21

90% of the force used for cutting is sourced from the magnetic power, and 10% comes from your end. Cutting endge!:)


There are 3 beautiful commercials that follow the concept “It’s not just a card, it’s your canvas,” toying with the idea of the ZYNC not just a card, but a blank canvas waiting for you to apply your style in it

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Coke Camera

2010 July 21


The Old Spice commercials were a viral sensation, and the Old Spice guy is a celebrity. So why did sales of Old Spice body wash actually drop?

According to industry-watching site WARC, the ubiquitous campaign for Old Spice body wash, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” actually corresponded with below-average sales:

“While there is little doubt about the viral hit’s popularity – the official version has racked up 12.2 million impressions on YouTube – sales of Red Zone After Hours Body Wash have fallen by 7%.”

The campaign appeared to be aimed at both women and men (the Old Spice Guy addresses “Ladies,” but the tagline at the end is, “Smell like a man, man.”) The ads were funny, and transcended the viral marketing stigma to become a legitimate hit on blogs and social networks. Surely, an entire new generation was introduced to the brand. So, why the drop in sales? Here are a few theories: Read the rest of this entry »


Epic Panchoran Retreat

2010 July 20


Family Profile

2010 July 19

Warner Bros debuted the official trailer for The Town, the new film directed by and starring Ben Affleck. The Town also stars Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall.



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Featuring B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco

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Inception has not only won the respect and fangirling of prestigious and renowned critics worldwide, but it has flown its way into becoming #3 on IMDB’s Top 250 films of all time. It jumped 80 places in only four hours. That’s a new record.