American Apparel’s “Best Bottoms”

2010 March 4

The clothing manufacturer has concluded it’s search for the the next bottom and hopefully face of the brand.  1,368 people snapped a shot of themselves in a pair of American Apparel undies in hopes of making the campaign…

1/ Boom Boom, Santo Domingo

2/ Maria, Austin

3/ Mira, Chicago

4/ Stepho, Los Angeles

5/ Donk, Van City

6/ American Honey, Baltimore

7/ Cherry, Toronto

8/ 9/ 10/ & MORE


3 Responses to “American Apparel’s “Best Bottoms””

  1. A 6. popó szerintem a legszebb ebből a listából :)

  2. vzsolt Says:

    …egyetértek, és a kettes is ügyeske!8->

  3. Nikhodemus Says:

    Nekem a hetes a favorit

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