Win full entry to the Peninsula festival only with the 11even Facebook contest!

2010 July 15


Already fan of 11even? If so, you should let your friends know about us and gain full entry to the Peninsula festival!

If you are not an 11even fan on Facebook yet, go on with an extra click, You can now win weekly tickets.

Step 1: Click on the ‘invite people to join’ button on the 11even Facebook page.

Step 2: Send invitation to as many friends as You can.

Step 3: Finally send an e-mail to office [at] elevenproductions [dot] com, write us the total number of friends to whom you sent the invitation.

On the 20th of August 2010, we will choose the winners from those who sent us an e-mail.

The winners will be randomly selected using a number generator.

Eleven Productions Ltd. employee and their families (unfortunately) are not entitled to participate (just so).

If you are not yet on Facebook, subscribe on click on 11even’s profile and click “Join.”

See you at the Peninsula! (26-29. aug. – Târgu Mureş)


And the winners are…

Gabor Ioan-Emilian (Năud/Cluj-Napoca)

Magyari Anna (Gheorgheni/Cluj-Napoca)

Thank you all for your participation. Congratulations to the winners.

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