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Combining Instruments

2010 July 9

BEAUTIFUL actress Charlize Theron and Sydney stuntman turned director Nash Edgerton have come to the rescue of The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers.

The Oscar winner agreed to be in Nash’s video for Flowers’ debut solo single.

And, even if a little bloodied, Charlize saves a bruised and battered Flowers from some life-threatening scrapes in the video to Crossfire.

Flowers is obviously impressed with our Nash, calling him “the one and only”.

Nash made the videos for Bob Dylan’s Must Be Santa and Beyond Here Lies Nothing.

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This apparently happened within the last few days on the streets of New Orleans. Lenny Kravitz starts the video by saying he was just sitting outside having a beverage when he heard some music in the distance that sounded like his own. As he went to investigate, he found the Voice Of Faith Choir doing a street performance and decided to get in on the action. How cool must that have been for these kids? You don’t see things like this every day: