Vauxhall Corsa /Opel Corsa ad music, az Vauxhall Corsa /Opel Corsa reklám zenéje / melodia din reclama Opel Corsa / Vauxhall Corsa

Az új Durex reklám női nyögések széles skáláját mutatja be a világ különböző pontjairól…Magadra ismersz?:P

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2009 December 15


2009 December 7

“A typical wedding photo is affixed to door lift doors in a law firm. Unfortunately, every time the doors opened, the couple split up. But help was at hand for everyone in the same position as soon as they stepped into the lift: a sign showed the name of the law firm and which floor the office was on.”

Advertising Agency: DialogGroup, Frankfurt, Germany


Guinness launches its most ambitious ad yet. In a parallel with the way a pint of Guinness is created, the ad shows a group of men bringing “a world to life.”

Taking on the extreme challenge of creating this epic ad, director Johnny Green recruited an elite team including Oscar winning set designer Grant Major and Oscar nominated Director of Photography Wally Pfisher.

Le Monde Magazine: Nipple

2009 November 25

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conceil, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter: Thierry Lebec
Art Director: Bénédicte Potel

It’s Raining Bears

2009 November 25

The effect is shocking; the message brutal: every short haul flight you take emits four hundred kilogrammes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent weight of an adult polar bear.


Ikea: Home

2009 November 20



“It´s faster than you think”


Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe Werbeagentur GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Direction: Sascha Hanke, Timm Hanebeck
Graphics: Kathrin Seupel
Photography: Annika Rose, Andreas Mock
Senior-Project manager: Inga Gerckens

Between life and death is just 0,003 mm latex.


Just like the mother. HIV positive


Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 11

Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 1

Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 2

Passion for Details

2009 November 9


Zseniális: FedEx

2009 November 5


Minimalism rulz!

Eleven kalapom!

2009 November 1

HBO_Rat_HoleÚjabb fantasztikus kampányötlet, ezúttal a CablePlus-tól: potenciális előfizetők ajtaján helyeznek el “egérlyukat”, amelynek hátoldalán Rémy és a következő szöveg áll: “Invite Ratatouille Into Your Home! Opens NOVEMBER 9th / For Subscriptions Call 682 2450″. Zseniális!

HBO_Rat_Hole 11

lol: Mac vs Windows 7

2009 October 26


+ egy merész/jópofa rejtett kamerás videó:

vodafone logo


2009 October 22


2009 October 22


– Optical and audio illusions: 15 videos to keep you entertained on your lunchbreak

– New York, I Love You – Movie Clip

– The BIG Bite

– Automorphosis movie trailer

– Agymosásos gyors program a televíziókban

– The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

– BMW Presents: “The Simple Concept”

– 45 Beautiful Dual-Screen Wallpapers

– Röyksopp ‘This Must Be It’

– I So Regret…

BMW Presents: “The Simple Concept”


Coast Yamaha is promoting motorbike sales with a humorous commercial using a series of optical illusions.

Western movie music, in the mode of Ennio Morricone, provides the backdrop for the Rider. All is not as it seems however…

Pocket Rocket was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, by creative director Greg Knagge, art directors Geoff Robertson and Andrew Slattery, and agency producer Holly Home.

Filming was shot by director Roh Smith via Spirit Films, Adelaide, with producer Paula Smith.



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