Once again, Apple redefines what a phone can do. FaceTime brings you phone calls like you’ve never seen before. Text and images look amazing on the Retina display — the highest-resolution screen ever on a phone. A 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording and editing let you shoot and share from anywhere. All on the world’s thinnest smartphone.


Anatomy of Apple Design

2010 March 15

Transparent House used its visualization capabilities to create a tribute to a company they greatly admire on the occasion of the iPad release. The idea was to show a glimpse into the history of this product giant by modeling some of the innovative products they’ve developed in their 3+ decade history.

Apple Introduces iPad

2010 January 27

Moments ago in San Francisco the Apple CEO unveiled his highly anticipated device that’s supposed to change media the way we know it, he’s already called it one of his most important projects EVER!