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UrbanCase design

2010 June 1



HEAD Architecture combined two apartments in Hong Kong to make a new home for a new family. They designed it so that the rituals of family life – bathing, playing, eating, sleeping – can be thoroughly re-evaluated, with an open-plan sequence of simple flexible spaces facilitating the informal flow and changing requirements of an expanding family.


Studio/Office/production facility designed for PostPanic by Maurice Mentjens Design.



Flat #1 by Ecole

2010 March 30

Ecole, a French architecture and design studio, has designed an apartment interior in Paris.


The New Facebook Office

2010 February 10

Facebook recently moved their offices out of several smaller locations spread throughout Palo Alto, CA and into one central, 150,000-square-foot building that used to house Agilent Technologies. The space was designed by studio o+a who took time to interview employees to see what they wanted and what would make their work experience better and more productive.


Climb or slide?

2010 February 2

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Working at Google!

2009 December 30



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The Forester-Architect

2009 November 13

forest room

Több itt!




n85-residence_by_morphogenesis_3Több ITT!

GyroVillevieilleZ 11

The Gyrofocus, designed by the award-winning contemporary fireplace maker Focus, has been named as the World’s Most Beautiful Object for the 2008-2009 Pulchra design competition. The suspended fireplace achieved the highest number of votes in the inaugural year of the ten-year design competition. Over a year, 74,425 participants voted by Internet for the 10 most beautiful objects among 100 selected by a jury of experts in design and architecture, including Alessandro Mendini, Italo Lupi and Matteo Vercelloni. The fireplace created by Dominique Imbert in 1968 came out as the voters’ top choice, over objects ranging from a television designed by Philips, a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, creations by Philippe Starck, and a Leo Cut diamond; their key point in common being the beauty of their design.

The black fireplace is made of 4mm-thick steel, has a diameter of 1.25m and a weight of 97kg. It rotates 360° so it can be easily directed to face different parts of the room. The length of the flue and other adaptations are produced to requirements.


Pulchra is the first ‘beauty contest’ exclusively reserved for objects. Launched in Italy in 2007 by Sandro Silvi, an internationally renowned architect passionate about beauty (pulchra in Latin means ‘the most beautiful’), the aim of the competition is to present to the public, each year for the next 10 years, 100 objects carefully selected for their beauty by a committee of experts. This latest honour grants posterity to the Gyrofocus, assuring its place in history thanks to the voice of the general public, who resoundingly affirmed the aesthetic principle of its creator Dominique Imbert: beauty in simplicity.





“Hardest thing to do when you have an undersized environment to live in, is to actually make the whole thing look larger. The idea is to make the most of your open space to create an airy effect in your dwelling. However if not handled well, your house may not look appealing anymore. With that in mind, Studio Junction, a Toronto based architecture firm, had brilliantly found a solution to that issue by modernizing the concept of “infill neighborhood” with this amazing courtyard design. The contemporary interior was built for a family of four by blending a traditionally indoor living space and a freshly landscaped natural courtyard.”






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Az Ashton Raggatt McDougal (ARM) építésziroda tervezte a Melbourne Recital Center-t és a szomszédos Melbourne Theater Company épületét, átalakítva a város régebben elhanyagolt negyedét egy dinamikus, fejlődő életteli területté.



Az építészek olyan sikeres építészeti dizájnt alkottak e két épülettel, hogy idén megkapták elismerésül a Victorian Architecture Medal-t, három kategóriában is…a legmagasabb elismeréssel – középület tervezés, belsőépítészet és városi dizájn / építészet.



Ashton Raggatt McDougal (ARM) architects