Aniballs :D

2010 May 19

They are Aniballs designed by design studio Monsieur Madame Design for YGolf, from France. “Anniballs are for golf without limits! Ygolf is a new way of playing golf and having fun, with no constraints. Anyone, anytime, anywhere!”


A macska rúgja meg…

2010 February 1

Nem vagyok oda értük, de most egy ilyenre ki immunis? Csapatmunka!:D


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Brian Cox is now best known for his roles in Hollywood films like MANHUNTER. But he keeps in touch with his stage roots. Here he develops his Shakespeare suzuki method, with a toddler soliloquy from 30 month old Theo.


2009 December 15

Nem lehet beágyazni a videót, de ide kattintva eléred…és nézd végig!:) Father Goes Into Baby Crib


2009 November 30

Ilyen a mongúzbébi

2009 September 25

Több apróság ITT!