The Taking The Scary Out of Life campaign was developed at Fallon Minneapolis by chief creative officer Darren Spiller, head of art Christy Peacock, creative group head Leon Wilson, director of integrated production Corey Esse, executive producer Helen Park.

The Miracle is You

2010 July 7

Production: Siren Media
Executive Producer: Kute Blackson
Director/Producer: Felipe P. Soares
Editor: Will Bystrov
Music: Alex Gibson

Never tell…

2010 June 16


Drive safe. Arrive safe. Great ad from the advertising agency Marketforce out of Perth, Australia and art directors Steve Lorimer and Andrew Tinning.


…45 másodpercben:

Director: Chris Milk
Writer: Chris Milk
Production Company: Radical Media
Producer: Samantha Storr
Associate Producer: Brad O’Connor
Editor: Livio Sanchez
Production Design: Matthew Holt
Telecine: Dave Hussey
Sound Design: Eddie Kim

Between life and death is just 0,003 mm latex.


Just like the mother. HIV positive