A 380 meter-long roof top deck which spans across the length of the Complex’s three skyscraper structures. Designed by architect moshe safdie, the platform rests 200 meters in the air and is equivalent in size to the Eiffel Tower laid horizontally on its side or three football fields connected end to end. The construction cost around 80 million dollars and required roughly 7,000 tons of steel to complete. To walk the whole length of the skypark takes around twenty minutes, provided that visitors do not stop to enjoy the various attractions along the way: a 150 meter-long infinity swimming pool, bar, restaurant and spa, botanical garden with 250 species of trees and 650 plants, and an observation deck that provides a panoramic view of the waterfront. The observation deck alone is capable of holding 900 people at once, with the whole skypark having the capacity to host up to 3,900.

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