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Combining Instruments

2010 July 9

In 2006, “Hey Now Now” was named by Rolling Stone as a top ten single of the year.

In 2007, The Cloud Room became the first unsigned band to be used in an international ad campaign when Pepsi used “Hey Now Now” in a Frédéric Planchon-directed spot titled “Destinies” and featuring Ronaldinho.

Vauxhall Corsa /Opel Corsa ad music, az Vauxhall Corsa /Opel Corsa reklám zenéje / melodia din reclama Opel Corsa / Vauxhall Corsa

A pontos helyszínt még nem jelentették be, a jegyek árát is csak jövő héten tudjuk meg…egy biztos, az Eventim hálózatában: a Germanos, Vodafone, Carturesti és Humanitas üzletekben, valamint online lehet majd kapni őket.


YouTube Disco

2010 February 18

With YouTube Disco you can discover music and make a playlist…just enter an artist name and YouTube Disco automatically generates a playlist of the music you like…

The new single from Groove Armada, out now, taken from the forthcoming Black Light album out March 2nd, 2010.

Just click the image!

Sean Lennon and model/girlfriend Kemp Muhl have let photographers into their lives for a fashion editorial for L’Officiel Russia.  Mr. and Mrs. son-of-John-and-Yoko dress up and down, displaying this Spring’s fashion whilst appearing to work on a track for the duo’s current musical project, The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger.


Nagggyon nagy zene!:D

HURTS – Wonderful Life

2010 January 11

Tmc – Sunday morning

2010 January 10

Dj Tmc (Székely Tamás/Oradea/Romania-Pioneer Pro Dj)

Scott Dunbar

thanx ceci/boti!;)

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A Los Angelesben rögzített felvételek rendezője Melina Matsoukas, a stylingért pedig Rob Zangardi felelt. Van itt minden…tankok, töltények, helikopterek, Mickey egér fül…erősen military!:)