If you thought that last few projection mapping examples I posted (1, 2, 3, 4) were amazing, then check this out.

Many of todays consumers want a camera with the professional still image quality of a digital sin…


Absolutely sick moves!

Hát ez szar! ezért van Gaga a TIME  100 legbefolyásosabb emberei közt.

First single off the band’s long-awaited new album, The Dance, which is currently scheduled for release May 17.

Check out a 3D version of the video here, and an “erotic version” here.


Prove there’s one better, go ahead!:p  Directed by Ditlev Rosing & Frederik Valentin..I bet it was a tough one to shoot:)


In case you missed it, there were a bunch of rumors last month that Wikileaks (a site that specializes in disseminating leaked, often classified documents) was being harrassed by the U.S. government related to a sensitive Pentagon video it was planning to release. That video is now out, and naturally it’s pretty disturbing.

The video, from 2007, reportedly shows a U.S. Army Apache helicopter firing on a group of men that included a Reuters photographer. Reuters has been asking for video of this incident for more than two years. Wikileaks is reporting that the man in the van who stopped to help the victims was an innocent bystander who was taking his children to school. He was apparently killed and both his children injured in the attack.

The shooting resulted in the death of Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, and his driver, Saeed Chmagh, in addition to numerous other individuals at the scene. The incident has been documented extensively in the last year or so, but video has not been widely available until now.


Rendező: Emmanuel Bajolle & Nicolas Receveur
Modell: Laura Frison

A legszexibb videoklipek (01), (02), (03), (04), (05), (06), (07), (08), (09), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19), (20), (21), (22)

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Just click the image…

The Hangover – Todd Phillips, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper

James Cameron with His Fusion 3-D camera (lol)

Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino with Christoph Waltz

The Hurt Locker – Kathryn Bigelow with Jeremy Renner

Broken Embraces – Pedro Almodóvar with Penélope Cruz

Precious – Lee Daniels with Mo’Nique and Gabourey Sidibebr

The Lovely Bones – Peter Jackson with Saoirse Ronan

Crazy Heart – Scott Cooper with Jeff Bridges

Julie & Julia – Nora Ephron with Meryl Streep


Click on the photo to see the behind the scenes video!

Haiti: 360°

2010 January 24

A CNN publikált néhány exkluzív videófelvételt Haitiből. A felvételek érdekessége, hogy panorámakamerával készültek. A netező a videó nézése közben tud zoomolni, és változtathatja a szöget. Szóval teljesen olyan az egész, mintha mi magunk sétálnánk a felvétel helyszínén…

Use your mouse to click and drag around the video to change the view. You can also zoom in and out. Pause and explore at any time by pressing the play/pause button under the video to stop and look around.

Mozgásban a Dacia Duster

2010 January 20

Másfél hónappal a genfi bemutató előtt újabb képsor került fel az internetre, ezúttal már mozgásban lévő Dacia-terepjáróval:

Halálkeringő fotók:

Halálkeringő előzetes:


A Los Angelesben rögzített felvételek rendezője Melina Matsoukas, a stylingért pedig Rob Zangardi felelt. Van itt minden…tankok, töltények, helikopterek, Mickey egér fül…erősen military!:)

A legszexibb videoklipek (01), (02), (03), (04), (05), (06), (07), (08), (09), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19), (20)

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Nézd végig, ha tudod!

2009 November 23

Drawing, themes in his work, favorite movies & why he wears striped socks:

Beyoncé – Video Phone (Extended Remix) (feat. Lady GaGa)

Az MTV ma bemutatta a legújabb Beyoncé klipet, amiből egyelőre csak az első percet láttam, de ennyi alapján is helye van a listán, zeneileg a “MUTE and enjoy” kategória, de jó szemlegeltetős itt-ott!:)

A legszexibb videoklipek (01), (02), (03), (04), (05), (06), (07), (08), (09), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19)

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Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 11

Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 1

Scarlett Johansson dolce gabbana 2